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Industry: Real Estate

Platform: Unreal Engine, Web Browser

Work: Create a hyper-realistic 3D model of the 3BHK unit with an Al sales agent

Client input: SketchUp 3D file, project information to train the AI agent

XR Vizion Output: Optimized Lifelike 3D Experience on Unreal Engine

XR Vizion offers a unique capability to transform images of physical spaces into dynamic 3D environments. Our process begins with clients providing images and videos of their space, or our team capturing the environment.


Next, we employ AI technology to rapidly generate intricate 3D models, significantly faster than the traditional 3D modeling process. This allows you to navigate a digital twin of your physical spaces while interacting in real-time with our AI-powered guide, enhancing the user experience.

  • Includes an AI guide/assistant/curator

  • Real-time information 

  • Interactive features

  • Increased user engagement

  • Application across sectors including real estate, museums, tourism, and manufacturing.

Virtual AI Tours offer immersive experiences across industries. Step into hyper-realistic environments via your own mobile browser for a preview of spaces under construction or of distant locations.


Client: Manufacturing

Platform: Unity, Web browser
Work: Create a hyper realistic 3d experience of the laundry room with an AI guide
Client input: Video covering the facility, Data to train the AI guide

XR Vizion Output: Lifelike 3D Experience from video data

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Interactive and Realistic 3D Environment

AI-Enabled Real-Time Q&A

For Built and Unbuilt Spaces

Accessible via Mobile, and Desktop Browser

Multiple Language Support

Collect Valuable Data from Client Interaction

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